About S.A.M.

Hello! I am the founder of S.A.M. Strategic Account Management. My name is, well you guessed it - Sam.

I am a father (38) of two young men, eight and six. I have 18 years of Military Service, in areas of expertise that range from planning and operations to technical system integration; one system in particular is the largest data conversion done throughout world history in either capacity - civilian or military. This is what led me to discover my passion for figuring out solutions for complex systems problems, notably by exploiting obscure trends. I know that sounded like a lot of nerdy stuff, but it led me here, to S.A.M.

Background: I took great pride and gratitude in my work (especially to be a member of the time-honored Warrant Officer Corps), but as I grew closer to 40, I started to notice my children growing up quickly, and the high demand of my work stealing from the moments I want to cherish most in their lives. This prompted creative thinking, because I was often conflicted in a place between time and money. I knew in my heart I needed to figure out a way that I could earn the money needed to provide my boys with a good life, but also the time I needed to enjoy it with them. 

This is when I started applying my analytical problem-solving skills to ECommerce. ECommerce is a thriving industry, with no foreseeable end in sight. I know there are an abundance of consumers, and I know there are a lot of brilliant creators with innovative brands. And there are people like me who enjoy figuring out creative ways to connect the brands with the consumers to facilitate the most satisfactory customer service experience available. This is a complete beneficial triad. The brands grow with enhanced exposure, the consumer experiences convenience and connection to new products, and I can scale my dream in the process. I am a firm believer in aligning with good intention, dignity, and integrity. Therefore, when I received this vision, I had never been more sure about anything - in all my life. Because I knew it was a good thing, for all involved. And - that is where I came up with the slogan for S.A.M - 'Symbiotic Scaling'. We can all grow together, and help each other out in the process. It's a beautiful thing. 

If you read up until this point, it's likely you also value the symbiotic approach to life; I hope we can grow together, long-term. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me, my Family, and my vision.

with peace,